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About CUCT


To place Cambridge United at the heart of a community where individuals respect each other and themselves, are empowered to maximise their potential and have the inspiration to fulfil this potential.


Our vision sees Cambridge United positively affecting people’s lives by delivering projects across three key themes:

  • Education
  • Health
  • Inclusion

Sport will be ubiquitous as the tool we use to deliver these projects, whether this is in access to our players, access to our facilities or the provision of sport sessions. Although our speciality and greatest brand recognition lies in football, we will use all range of sports to achieve our goals and have legitimacy to do so as the pre-eminent professional sporting organisation in Cambridge.

We will use sport as a non-traditional educational tool, allowing messages to be conveyed in new and interesting ways, and engage those who may not respond as well to traditional techniques.

We will seek to engage people in sports, as sports participation can be a key step to a healthier lifestyle, and will use our players' health choices to serve as motivation for others.

We will use sport as an important step to inclusion, as it can develop a sense of belonging and commonality and give participants an opportunity to engage with people different to themselves.


All of our work will be driven by belief in the importance of the following set of values:

  • Respect
  • Empowerment
  • Inspiration

There are broad overlaps between our values and our themes, which allow our projects to be naturally designed to be enjoyable and encourage participation.

We believe that sports participation helps people to develop respect (for opponents, teammates, coaches, officials and all other stakeholders, as well as for the game itself), and that our players are important role models in this.

We believe that sports can empower people by allowing them to develop characteristics such as confidence, courage, leadership and organisation, which are so important for personal development.

We believe that both engaging in sports and seeing the achievements of others can inspire people to build greater motivation in their own lives, to set greater goals, and to have the courage to achieve them.

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