Cambridge United Community Trust

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Who We Are

Board of Trustees:

  • Graham Daniels (Chair)
  • Jim Hill
  • Jenny Horsfield
  • Christoph Loch
  • Ian Mather
  • Stephen Munday CBE
  • Paul Schofield
  • Robert Smith
  • Steven Twait

Management Staff:

NCS Officer - Darryl Coakley

Health and Inclusion Officer - Andy Farrer

Business Development Manager - Sam Gomarsall

Phil Mullen - Disability Sport Officer

Community Trust CEO - Ben Szreter

Female Football Development Officer - Megan Todd

Head of Education - Tim Walker

Community Liaison Officer - Simon Wall

Community Coaches:

Rickie Bailey - Schools Coach

Tom Blatch - Schools Coach

Kiefer Driscoll - Schools Coach

Lewis Russell - Schools Coach

Kiel Waterfield-Jenkins

Latest news

16 Aug 2018

Walking Football update

13 Aug 2018

Trust receives council grant to launch a stadium fitness programme

09 Aug 2018

Do your shopping at Tescos? Commit to the Trust at the same time!!